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Christian Radny, Founder and Managing Director MaxFlags GmbH

Royal-Flags is an online store for flags from MaxFlags GmbH. MaxFlags GmbH was founded in 2012 by Christian Radny, and is today one of the largest European distributors and manufacturers of international country and theme flags. We stock almost every flag of the world, in various designs, finishings and sizes, in our 200 square metres warehouse.

We're especially proud of our intelligent logistics and warehousing system. All goods receipts and goods issues are recorded centrally in a database. It usually takes only a few hours from order receipt to shipping. Our customers regularly praise the speed of our order processing.

Royal-Flags shipment with Haribo surprise

From Bergkamen to the whole world

Bergkamen is a small town with 50000 inhabitants, located in the west of Germany near Dortmund. The success story of MaxFlags GmbH began in Bergkamen in 2012, with only 2000 flags, pins, and patches available for order.

These days, we can supply over 10000 ready-made flag products from stock immediately and worldwide. The customize option on the product detail pages adds more than 80000 product variants to our existing range. Customized flags are made directly on site in our production facility and own sewing room.

We ship more than 15000 orders all over the world every year. Our commercial and private customers are based mainly in Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland, but we also deliver to Australia, Canada, Norway, New Zealand and the US several times a month. Detailed customs documentation is enclosed with each shipment outside the European Union. We also send data to the shipping company for smooth customs processing. Of course, every international shipment is made with tracking as far as possible. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer nationwide tracking in some countries, such as Bolivia or Tonga. In these cases, the last scan is done at the airport in the destination country.

Our highly experienced shipping staff, Christian and Heinz, guarantee that all shipments will reach their destination safely and in environmentally friendly packaging as quickly as possible.

Global sewing machine in the sewing room at Royal-Flags
Hand Waving Flags shelf in Royal-Flags warehouse
Royal-Flags customer raises French flag in Florida

Take a look behind the scenes

Heinz at a table flag video shoot for YouTube

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